This year Lander County worked hard to revitalize existing 4H programs. Lander County’s Cloverbud, Shooting Sports and two Livestock groups have been the most stable, historically. Leadership in these programs has been strong and consistent. The Cloverbud club saw a large increase in participants with 13 youth gaining knowledge in the raising and handling of chickens or bunnies. The Livestock groups maintained an average amount of participation while welcoming 3 brand new 4H members. The Shooting Sports program saw the addition of a highly qualified leader who has been accomplishing certification. The club had a significant increase in membership reaching 17 members. The clubs reached their peak average attendance in the late spring and summer. At the start of the school year average attendance dropped significantly.


Due to the hard work of Lander County’s Extension Educator, Lois Erquiaga, Lander County saw the addition of several new leaders and clubs this year. These new clubs were of significant benefit to the community, teaching young people skills from subject matter experts and allowing them to gain experiences that have not been previously available. These clubs included:

  • Dog Obedience and Handling; averaged 3 participants.
  • Theater; averaged 7 participants.
  • Rock Painting; average of 8 participants.
  • Robotics and Simple Engineering; average of 6 participants.
  • Photography; averaged 3 attendants.
  • Art; reached approximately 20 students through two workshops.
  • Sewing; also hosted a successful workshop reaching approximately 6 students.
  • Leather Crafting; average of 4 students  
Warwood, A. 2022, Lander County Annual Report | Fiscal Year 2021 - 2022 , Extension, University of Nevada, Reno, County Report

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