After evaluation of the Living With Fire Program Needs Assessment, research indicates that fire and emergency manager professionals agree that there is a strong need to educate the public on emergency alerts.

What is CodeRED?

CodeRED is an emergency notification system that delivers emergency messages to individuals located in affected regions, such as specific neighborhoods or communities. CodeRED can send both Wireless Emergency Alerts (alerts to your mobile phone) and Emergency Alert System activations  (alerts seen on TV and heard on radio and landlines). These messages can arrive in the form of text, voicemail, email, social media and more. CodeRED allows residents to enter multiple forms of contact information, such as an unlisted home number, cell phone, work phone and email address, into the database.

Why is it important?

If an emergency arises in Washoe County, public agencies utilize this platform to inform the public. Officials will notify the public of emergency details, instructions and/or precautions to help the public make informed and safe decisions. People who do not register for this local notification system might not receive these important emergency messages. Registering for CodeRED increases the likelihood that residents will receive these urgent notifications.

Examples of emergency notifications that are sent to the public can include:

  1. wildfire evacuations,
  2. earthquake shelter in place notices and
  3. flood evacuations. 

How to sign up:

  1. Text “WASHOE” to 99411, visit
  2. Create a “managed account,” which will allow you access to modify your notification settings and contact information. 
    • You can login with Google+, Facebook or Twitter.  
    • OR, you can create a managed account with a username and password. 
  3. To bypass creating a managed account, click “No, continue to enroll as a guest.” 
  4. Click “Continue.” 
  5. Complete contact information, language preference, physical address and preferred communication methods. 
    • Be sure to include your mobile provider. If your provider is not listed, please choose “Other.” 
  6. Add another phone number, such as a work number or unlisted home phone, and another email if you would like. 
  7. Under Terms and Conditions, check the box “I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions.” 
  8. Click “Verify Information.” 
  9. If CodeRED calls you, its caller ID will come from the phone number 866-419-5000 for emergencies and caller ID 855-969-4636 for nonemergencies. Be sure to program those numbers in your mobile phone to know who is calling. 

If you live in another county in Nevada, visit to sign up for local emergency alerts in your region. 

*Personal information collected by Washoe County CodeRED is not shared with any other entity*


This fact sheet was prepared by Living With Fire at University of Nevada, Reno Extension in collaboration with the Washoe County Emergency Manager’s office. Living With Fire is a program committed to helping Nevadans living in more safely with wildfire. The program is funded collaboratively by University of Nevada, Reno Extension; Nevada Division of Forestry; Bureau of Land Management; and the United States Forest Service. The University of Nevada, Reno is an EEO/AA institution. 

A partnership of Nevada counties; University of Nevada, Reno; and the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Roice-Gomes, J., Adams, J., Kay, M., Restaino, C. 2021, CodeRED in Washoe County, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, FS-21-120

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