• 8-16 in. tall
Barbed goatgrass
Barbed goatgrass stem


  • Gray green, 1-4 in. long, ridged and sharp; sparsely covered with long white hairs; ligules are 
    membranous and auricles are clasping
Barbed goatgrass
Barbed goatgrass


  • Seedheads are 1-2.5 in. long, reddish or purplish then dry to straw color; each spike has 4 sessile spikelets with 1-2 florets each; 3 long, stiff awns come from each glume; awns and glumes are all minutely barbed 
Barbed goatgrass
Barbed goatgrass seed


  • Fibrous; spikelet that led to germination often still attached to base of plant
Barbed goatgrass
Barbed goatgrass root


  • Infests rangelands, grasslands, pastures and croplands; known to occur in Washoe county
  • Winter annual; seeds viable for 2+ years; high silica content produces persistent thatch layer
  • Livestock avoid mature plants due to awns; seedheads stick to clothing and fur
  • Can crossbreed with wheat, producing sterile seed and unsaleable wheat


  • Hand pulling or hoeing is effective on small infestations; mowing is ineffective as plants will regrow; deep tilling can place seeds below sprouting depth, but repeated tilling can bring buried seeds to the surface; burning of infested fields may be effective, but will not control seedbank
  • Glyphosate effective on actively growing plants before flowering; chlorsulfuron, imazapic, sulfometuron are effective preemergence and early post emergence
Blecker, L., Creech, E., Dick, J., Gephart, S., Hefner, M., Kratsch, H., Moe, A., Schultz, B. 2020, Nevada Noxious Weed Field Guide – Barbed goatgrass, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno, Field Guide

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Blecker, L., Creech, E., Dick, J., Gephart, S., Hefner, M., Kratsch, H., Moe, A., Schultz, B. 2020, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno, Field Guide

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