Pre K Standards:
Mathematics & Science: L.PK.2, L.PK.4
Objective: Introduce new fruits and vegetables and explore the food using all 5 senses.



  1. Write each of the 5 senses on a piece of paper and place in a grab-bag.
  2. Introduce the new food.
  3. Take turns letting the children grab one of the 5 senses from the bag without looking.
  4. Depending on the sense they pick out, let the child explore.
    • Touch: Feel the outside. Does the OUTSIDE of the kiwi FEEL smooth, hard, fuzzy, or soft?
    • See: Open the food up. How does the INSIDE of the kiwi LOOK? What colors do you see?
    • Smell: Sniff the food. How does the kiwi SMELL?
    • Hear: Shake the food. Do you HEAR any sounds coming from the kiwi? What about when you eat it - does it make a sound? Can you think of a fruit that makes a sound when you bite it?
    • Taste: Taste the food. Does the kiwi TASTE sweet or salty? Is it soft or crunchy?
  5. Allow the child who picks the taste card to taste the food first and describe to peers. Allow other to try food as well.
Lindsay, A. 2020, Exploring Foods, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno

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