The University of Nevada, Reno Extension developed a Needs Assessment Framework to guide the needs assessment approach and process in the state. The Framework is designed to add consistency in the organizational approach to needs assessments and increase validity of the results. The formal needs assessment process is utilized, in that, needs assessments conducted by Extension are systematic, data-based, result in a formal report, and used as part of the program planning process. 
The formal needs assessment approach undertaken by Extension is intentionally designed to be beneficial to faculty, the organization, and Nevadans. Benefits to faculty include better use of their time and increased relationships and collaboration, while simultaneously meeting teaching and research responsibilities. The organizational benefits include a more efficient use of resources, and up-to-date and readily available needs assessments for use by Extension professionals and the community. In the end, the purpose is to develop high-quality programs based on identified needs to strengthen the social, economic and environmental well-being of Nevadans.
This Needs Assessment Guide sets the organizational standard for needs assessments and is designed for multiple audiences. Primarily, it articulates the Needs Assessment Framework and process that will be used by Program Teams to conduct needs assessments. For more information on Program Teams visit: Specialists and Extension Educators may find the information useful both as members of a Program Team and faculty responsible for the development and implementation of programs. Further, the Needs Assessment Guide outlines some ways Extension Educators and Specialists may find the statewide needs assessments helpful in their own work.  

Norze, J; Horrillo, S; Evans, W 2021, Needs Assessment Framework Guide, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno

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