Lesson Five

Chef Suzy partners with Produce Pick of the Month to share this delicious garbanzo bean recipe! Follow along to make this garbanzo bean recipe.

Garbanzo Bean Recipe

Recipe coming soon.

McClain, S. 2020, Produce Pick of the Month: Garbanzo Bean Recipe, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno, Recipes

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Produce Pick of the Month

This evidence-based campaign focuses on building fruit and vegetable consumption in children through healthy snacking. Produce Pick of the Month is a monthly, in-school nutrition education program for primary grade children in at-risk elementary schools in many counties across Nevada. In addition to direct instruction, staff works with school wellness coordinators to build meaningful and sustainable programming to create a good environment in every school.

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Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools

This is a comprehensive nutrition program based on the socio-ecological model incorporating nutrition education, promotion and policy, systems and environmental changes that support the implementation of school wellness policy.