Mullis, A., Lindsay, A., Prestridge, J. 2018, Yebo Let's Go Song, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno

Promotes Reduced Sedentary Behavior

Verse 1:

On the couch I watch TV
Then my momma says to me
Get up, get up, get up right now
We’ll have fun, I’ll show you how


Yebo let’s go Yebo!
Aweh let’s play Aweh!
Walk or run, skip in the sun
Ride a bike, go on a hike
Climb or swing, let’s hear you sing
Yebo let’s go Yebo!

Verse 2:

Video games, they can be fine
Just don’t play them all the time.
Get up and move it’s oh so good
So for goodness sake you should


Go outside and play awhile
You will love your active style
Use your mind and body too
Show your family what you can do


Yebo let’s go Let’s go!
Aweh let’s play Aweh!
Yebo let’s go Let’s go!


Music & Lyrics by: Angel Mullis, Anne Lindsay & Jennifer Prestridge
© 2018 University of Nevada Cooperative Extension/ASCAP
All rights reserved, used by permission

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