Promotes acceptance of self and others

Verse 1:

You and me, we are family
We are all in the same crowd
Though we’re different
We are all unique
Let’s take care of our bodies and be proud

Pre Chorus:

Baile! No matter what you look like
Cante! Hey! Hey! Hey!


Ven Conmigo, Ven Conmigo
Baila Amigo Baila
Ven Conmigo, Ven Conmigo
Baila Amigo Baila

Verse 2:

Whether we dance or run
We can all have fun
It’s our way of keeping fit
So when you’re with your friends
Encourage them to
Just keep moving and don’t (NO SIENTE!) sit!


By Christy Sluyter

© 2009 University Nevada Cooperative Extension/ASCAP All rights reserved, used by permission

Sluyter, C. 2009, Ven Conmigo Song, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno

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