French, D., Eliaers, C., and Lindsay, A. 2009, Pack it Up Lyrics, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno

Promotes Healthy Eating


Pack it up, pack it up with your vegetables
Pack it up with your breads and fruits
Pack it up, pack it up with foods on the go
Pack it up with the foods that’ll help you grow (Repeat)

Verse 1:

Some foods are “GO”, ”Go!” some foods are “SLOW” “Slow!”
Some foods are “WHOA” “Whoa!” – These are foods you should know
Foods you eat everyday, yeah these are called “GO”
These will help you get stronger from your head to your toes.
“GO” foods are healthy, so let’s make a plan
Carrots, grapes, and beans fresh or in a can
Pretzels, pears and oranges are just so cool
Yeah “GO” foods you can eat ‘em after school

Verse 2:

What about your “SLOW” foods, they fall in the middle
Pasta, juice, get the pancakes all on the griddle
These are foods you can eat but not everyday
They’ll help you stay fit and on your way

Verse 3:

Now you gotcha “WHOA” foods, you don’t eat a lot
Like candy, chips and even soda pop
These are all foods that you’ll need to know
When you need to say, when you need to say “Whooooooooooa!”


Some foods are “GO” “Go!”
Some foods are “SLOW” “Slow!”
Some foods are “WHOA” “Whoa!”
These are foods you should know (repeat 2x)
Now listen up kids, it’s the golden rule
Just “eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full!”


By: Dominic French, Christy Eliaers, and Anne Lindsay

© 2009 University of Nevada Cooperative Extension/ASCAP All rights reserved, used by permission

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