The All 4 Kids warm-up song

Healthy, Happy, Active, Fit! All 4 kids eat smart, don’t sit!

Need a soda from the fridge? (reach out like you’re opening the refrigerator door)
No thanks, I’ll skip! I’ll eat an orange instead!

Need a cookie from the jar? (reach down like you’re reaching into a cookie jar)
No thanks, I’ll skip! And pull a carrot from the patch!

Need a pie in the sky? (reach high like you’re stretching to the sky)
No thanks, I’ll skip! And pick an apple from the tree!

Need a ride to the park? (pretend you’re driving a car)
No thanks, I’ll skip! And go (start skipping around in a circle!)

Lou, lou, skip to my lou!
Lou, lou, watch me move!
Lou, lou feel my heart go “Whoo”!
Skip to my lou my darling!

Healthy, Happy, Active, Fit! All 4 kids eat smart, don’t sit!

By: Anne Lindsay

© 2009 University of Nevada Cooperative Extension/ASCAP All rights reserved, used by permission

Lindsay, A. 2009, All 4 Kids Chant, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno

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A media effort addressing preschool inactivity through family, community, and Extension collaboration
To improve healthy eating and movement in children, a media project was developed with the help of community partners that promoted dance and play through music. Results indicated that children who participated in the program demonstrated improvement in healthy behaviors (signif...
Lindsay, A. 2010, Journal of National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, 5 (11).

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