Digital-first marketing strategies to promote your online content.

1:30 Start of Digital-First Thinking

2:15 Introduction to Web Pages

3:25 Why Not to Use Flyers

5:16 Introduction to Calendar

9:27 Example of Business Development Program

10:50 Where & How To Begin - Event Planning

12:05 How To Get Your Program Onto The Calendar

15:02 How To Input Your Event

17:40 Naming an Event

18:00 Events Description

18:30 How To Paste Without Formatting

20:00 Date & Time for Events

20:22 Place for Events

20:46 Using A Hashtag

21:23 Event Website

21:52 Photo Field

24:13 Department Box

25:15 Pricing and Ticketing Information

26:45 Social Media Marketing- Access

28:23 Social Media Marketing- Goals

29:26 Social Media Marketing- Tips

30:43 Social Media Marketing - Accessibility

36:35 Social Media Marketing- Free Speech

40:33 Social Media Marketing- All Together

41:29 Content Marketing

45:58 Email Marketing

47:44 Email Marketing- Branding

48:33 Email Marketing- Accessibility Don'ts

48:43 Email Marketing- Accessibility Do’s

51:10 Email Marketing- Best Practices

53:34 Email Marketing- Tools and More

54:28 Email Marketing- Here to Help

55:31 Media Relations- Tools for when there’s time

1:01:06 Getting Help- OIT & IT

1:03:38 Q&A

Andrews, A. Kozsan, T. 2020, Digital-first marketing for Extension programs, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno, YouTube, April 13, 2020

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