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Lemieux, S; Wharton, C 2020, Communications & Marketing, March 2020

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What's in a Name? Standardizing Terminology for the Enhancement of Research, Extension, and Industry Applications of Virtual Fence Use on Grazing Livestock
Different research and commercial entities have adopted terms and definitions independently. In this paper, we propose a standard terminology. Standard terminology will aid in efficient and effective communication among all entities and interested parties.
Ehlert, K., Brennan, J., Beard, J., Reuter, R., Menendez, H., Vandermark, L., Stephenson, M., Hoag, D., Meiman, P., O'Connor, R., and Noell, S. 2024, Volume 94, 2024, Pages 199-206, ISSN 1550-7424
Collaborative Approaches and Communication Skills for Addressing Water Disputes
This fact sheet contains helpful collaborative approaches and communication skills to manage water disputes. Learn effective listening skills, effective speaking skills, and positive communication usage tips.
Singletary, L. 2005, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, FS-05-24
Several people meeting around whiteboard with Juan Salas
Understanding Behaviors for Effective Team Communication | SBEP Management Class
Owners and employers need to communicate effectively with their teams. Learn about the core behavioral styles and skills to be successful in communication.
J. Salas, R. Mendez, M. Bindrup, F. Stockett 2021, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno
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How to Use Social Media for Small Farms
Learn how to use social media for your small farm from Kelsey Hall from USU Agricultural Communications and Journalism.
Hall, K. 2014, Utah State University Extension, Youtube
School Communication
This fact sheet provides an overview of Session 2: School Communication.
Luna, N. 2011, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, FS-11-43