Lindsay, A. 2020, Active Bingo, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno

Pre-K Standards

Math: 1.PK.3a
Physical Development: 1.PK.1, 2.PK.1, 2.PK.2, 3.PK.1, 3.PK.2, 4.PK2.1


  1. Give each person a playing board. (Playing cards attached.)
  2.  Choose a card from the pile and read aloud the action on thecardEx. 5 jumping jacksEx. 3 hops
  3.  Each person will then perform the action and then mark off theaction on the card.
  4.  First person to have 3 actions in a row wins.


  • Balance
  • Spin on one foot
  • Jumping
  • Hopping on one foot
  • Some cardio
  • Some muscle strength

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