Lindsay, A. 2020, Count my Moves, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, CM-2020-3046

Pre-K Standards

Cognitive/Math: 1.PK.3b
Language/ Listening: 7.PK.1a
Physical Development: 1.PK.1, 2.PK.1, 4PK2.1, 5PK.1, 4.PK.2


  1. Roll a die.
  2. Pick a movement, i.e. push-ups, heel step, tip toes, squat, crunch, jump, hop, spin, etc.
  3. Do the movement as many times as the number shown on the die. 
  4. Take turns.


  • Moderate to vigorous physical activity
  • Light cardio
  • Light muscle strengthening
  • Balance


  • Create a die with movements on each side that can be rolled to determine which movement you do.
  • Another option is to create a spinner or printed cards with movements to choose from.


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