Lindsay, A. 2020, Heart Smart, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, CM-2020-3041

Pre-K Standards

Health: 1.PK.2


  1. Introduce the term HEART SMART by saying "When you hear the word HEART SMART I want you to place both hands over your heart."
  2. Choose quick simple activity like, running in place for 15 seconds or jumping jacks then stop and quickly feel your heart beat after the physical activity.
  3. Say "When you are ACTIVE, your heart beats faster. Can you feel it beat?"
  4. Shout HEART SMART immediately after finishing an activity that increases your heart rate to engrain concept that when your heart beats faster, its because you are being ACTIVE and USING lots of ENERGY.


  • Light cardio


University of Nevada Reno Cooperative Extension. All 4 Kids Children’s Curriculum Lesson 3

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