Lindsay, A. 2020, Indoor Obstacle Course, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, CM-2020-3039

Pre-K Standards

Physical Development: 1.PK.1, 2PK.1, 3.PK.1, 3KP.2, 4.PK.1
Social/Emotional: 2.PK.3a, 2.PK.3b, 5.PK.1a, 5.PK.1b
Creative Expression: 2.PK.2b, 3.PK.1


  1. Set up an indoor obstacle course with furniture where your children will have to crawl to get from one side of the room/house to the other.
  2. If possible, have your children help you design the obstacle course.


If possible and weather permitting, set up an outdoor obstacle course using spare tires, hula hoops, cones, balance beams etc.


Strong Start for Children. Childhood Obesity Toolkit for Parents.

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