Pre-K Standards

Physical Development: 1.PK.1, 2.PK.1, 3.PK.1, 4.PK.1, 5.PK.1
Social/Emotional: H1.PK.1, 5.PK.1b
Creative Expression/Music & Movement: 10.PK.1a, 10.PK.1b
Visual Arts: 2.PK.4


  1. Cut out various paper shapes and duct tape on the floor.
  2. Have your children walk, hop, or skip on the shapes when music is playing.
  3. When the music stops, children must stop and shout out the name of the shape they are on.
Lindsay, A. 2020, Musical Shapes, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, CM-2020-3038

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