Lindsay, A. 2020, Rainbow Scarves, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno

Pre-K Standards

Physical Development: 1.PK.1, 2.PK.1, 2.PK.2, 3.PK.1, 4.PK.1, 4.PK.1
Language/Listening: 7.PK.1b
Social Studies/Geography: G5.PK.


Move your scarf

  • Up high/down low
  • Really fast/in slow motion
  • Wave the scarf to each side
  • Wave the scarf in front/behind
  • Jump up high with the scarf
  • Step forward/backward/right/ left side
  • March in place waving the scarf


  • Add music


  • Large gross motor movement
  • Light cardio


University of Nevada Reno Cooperative Extension. All 4 Kids Curriculum Family Event 3

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