Lindsay, A. 2020, Stretchy Limbo, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno

Pre-K Standards

Physical Development: 3.PK.1, 3.PK.2
Social/Geography: G5.PK.1
Emotional: 2.PK.1b, 5.PK.1b, 5.PK.1d
Creative Expression/Music & Movement: 6.PK.1, 10.PK.1c


  1. Have two people each hold an end of a broomstick at chest height
  2. Have each child slowly move under the stick by leaning backward without touching the ground or stick
  3. After everyone has gone, increase the difficulty level by lowering the broom 2 or 3 inches
  4. Continue the game until one child is left


Play music with increasing or decreasing tempo and move according to the speed of the music


  • Body and spatial awareness
  • Balance

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