dumpling soup

Dumpling Soup

Authors: Jama Kim Rattigan & Lillian Hsu-Flanders
Ages: 4-8
Marisa gets to help make dumplings this year to celebrate the New Year. But she worries if anyone will eat her funny-looking dumplings. Set in the Hawaiian islands, this story celebrates the joyful mix of food, customs, and languages from many cultures.
Resource used in Little Books, Little Cooks; University Nevada Cooperative Extension.

decorative image

Eat Lots of Colors!

Authors: Helen Marstiller & Valerie Bouthyette
Peppers, beans, corn, and peas! Nonfiction superstar Gail Gibbons lays out the basics of veggies with colorful watercolors and straightforward text. Learn how they grow, how they get to stores, and how many kinds there are-and learn some weird trivia, too!
Diagrams, cross sections, and illustrations get kids up close and personal with glossy red peppers, plump orange pumpkins, delectable little peas, and dozens of other vegetables in this essential primer on the subject.

Eating The Alphabet

Eating the Alphabet

Author, Illustrator: Louis Ehlert
Ages: 1-3
An introduction to fruits and vegetables of different origins beginning with each letter of the alphabet.
Resource used in All 4 Kids; University Nevada Cooperative Extension.

eat the rainbow

Eating the Rainbow

Author: Star Bright Books

Children will have fun learning the names and colors of the colorful and nutritious fruits and vegetables shown on each page of this board book. Bright photos featuring a diverse array of children enjoying healthy, delectable foods will inspire other youngsters to try new foods.

Resource used in NEEDs for Tots; Wegmans School of Health & Nutrition.

eating well

Eating Well (Looking After Me)

Authors: Liz Gogerly & Mike Gordon
Introduces the importance of healthy eating and the principles of nutrition through the story of James, who makes himself sick by eating too much junk food at his friend Ethan's house

Everybody Cooks Rice

Everybody Cooks Rice

Authors: Norah Dooley & Peter J. Thornton
Ages: 4-7
On her way to find her little brother for dinner, Carrie was invited into each house for a taste of what they are cooking. She finds out that everybody cooks rice and everybody eats rice.

Resource used in Little Books, Little Cooks; University Nevada Cooperative Extension.

freaky foods

Freaky Foods from Around the World

Authors: Ramona Moreno Winnder & Luis Borsan.
Freaky Foods From Around the World is about a little boy named Lucas who invites his friends to lunch at his grandma's house. Grandma, as a world traveler, likes to prepare odd and peculiar recipes like spider salads and barbecued raccoon. Written in both English and Spanish, this book has playful illustrations in full-color

gazpacho image

Gazpacho for Nacho

Authors: Tracey Kyle & Carolina Farias
Nacho likes to eat only one thing-gazpacho! Gazpacho for breakfast, gazpacho for lunch, gazpacho for dinner, for snacks, and for brunch. Nacho won't even try other dishes-until he discovers miles and piles of mouthwatering vegetables at the market. This lively rhyming story, sprinkled with Spanish, will delight little chefs. A recipe for Gazpacho and a Spanish glossary are included.

sharing germs

Germs are Not for Sharing

Author: Elizabeth Verdick
toddlers need to learn that germs are not for sharing. Rather than focus on what germs are, this book teaches the basics of not spreading them: Cover up a sneeze or cough. Hug or blow kisses when you're sick. And most of all, wash your hands! Child-friendly words and full-color illustrations help little ones stay clean and healthy. Includes tips and ideas for parents and caregivers.

growing colors

Growing Colors

Author: Bruce McMillan
Join award-winning photographer Bruce McMillan as he takes his camera in search of some of nature's gorgeous colors found in gardens and orchards-and expect the unexpected! With vibrancy, clarity, and brilliance, these photos will help young readers learn about their fruits and veggies, and also help them explore all the colors of the rainbow through everyday foods.

growing vegetable soup

Growing Vegetable Soup

Author/Illustrator: Lois Ehlert
Ages: 4-8
Dad says we are going to grow vegetable soup." So begins Lois Ehlert's bright, bold picture book about vegetable gardening for the very young. The necessary tools are pictured and labeled, as are the seeds (green bean, pea, corn, zucchini squash, and carrot). Then the real gardening happens . . . planting, weeding, harvesting, washing, chopping, and cooking! In the end? "It was the best soup ever." Ehlert's simple, colorful cut-paper-style illustrations are child-friendly, as is the big black type. A recipe for vegetable soup tops it all off!

Resource used in Little Books, Little Cooks; University Nevada Cooperative Extension.

apple pie

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

Author: Marjorie Priceman
An apple pie is easy to make...if the market is open. But if the market is closed, the world becomes your grocery store. This deliciously silly recipe for apple pie takes readers around the globe to gather ingredients. First hop a steamboat to Italy for the finest semolina wheat. Then hitch a ride to England and hijack a cow for the freshest possible milk. And, oh yes! Don't forget to go apple picking in Vermont! A simple recipe for apple pie is included.

eat rainbow

I Can Eat a Rainbow

Author: Annabel Karmel
From nutrition expert Annabel Karmel comes a series of books on healthy eating for the very youngest readers. By instilling children with good attitudes toward food and nutrition at a young age, these books pave the way for a lifetime of healthy eating habits. I Can Eat a Rainbow teaches kids how to eat healthy by enjoying a "rainbow" of food, from purple plums to red apples to greens like spinach and celery. Each two-page spread focuses on food of a different color.

eating tomatoes

I will Never Not EVER Eat a Tomato

Author/Illustrator: Lauren Child
Ages: 4-8
Lola is a fussy eater. A very fussy eater. She won't eat her carrots (until her brother Charlie reveals that they're orange twiglets from Jupiter). She won't eat her mashed potatoes (until Charlie explains that they're cloud fluff from the pointiest peak of Mount Fuji). There are many things Lola won't eat, including - and especially - tomatoes. Or will she? Two endearing siblings star in a witty story about the triumph of imagination over proclivity.

Resource used in Little Books, Little Cooks; University Nevada Cooperative Extension.

hungrey giant image

Jack and the Hungry Giant Eat Right with MyPlate

Author: Loreen Leedy
Lucky for Jack, the giant he meets at the top of the beanstalk chasing him with a huge fork does not plan to eat him. He is more interested in nutrition than in devouring Jack. Using the USDA's MyPlate nutrition model, the giant makes Jack a scrumptious meal. As he cooks, he teaches Jack about the food groups--grains, proteins, fruits, vegetables, and dairy--and how much of each should be on Jack's plate. Jack also learns that he should get plenty of exercise, which he does as he climbs back down the beanstalk

jacks garden image

Jack's Garden

Author: Henry Cole
"Building on a rhyme that will be familiar to many children, author-illustrator Cole creates an enticing guide to creating a garden. 'This is the garden that Jack planted...' The final illustration presents a satisfied-looking boy surrounded by a lush, bird-filled flower garden....A concluding page of gardening suggestions serves as a springboard to books with more specific guidelines."--Horn Book.

lulu lunch image

LuLu's Lunch

Authors: Camila Reid & Ailie Busby
Join Lulu on her exciting culinary journey as she discovers sticky honey, a banana to peel, a picnic box to unpack and a brilliant finale - a plateful of spaghetti! This is an action-packed activity book perfect for all toddlers, picky eaters or not.

meal time image


Author: Elizabeth Verdick Illustrator:Marieka Heinlen
Mealtime-"Yummy-in-the-tummy time"-is an opportunity to teach young children two major life skills: nutrition and table manners. Simple but important mealtime routines come to life as the toddlers in this book remember to wash their hands, use a napkin and fork or spoon, stay at the table, and eat healthy foods. Toddlers also learn the one big rule for mealtime: Always try one bite ("You just might like it!"). Parents and caregivers want toddlers to develop healthy eating habits and positive mealtime routines.

fruit image

Mrs. Peanuckle's Fruit Alphabet

Authors: Mrs. Peanuckle Illustrator:Jessie Ford
Mrs. Peanuckle's Fruit Alphabet introduces babies and toddlers to the colorful foods that will help them grow up to be healthy and strong. Children and parents alike will want to devour the fun facts and charming illustrations of fruits from the familiar banana to the not as familiar yumberry. Mrs. Peanuckle's Fruit Alphabet is the second in a series of board books celebrating the joy nature brings to young children at home and in the backyard, from fresh fruits and vegetables to birds, bugs, flowers, and trees.

other things image

Oh the Things You Can Do That Are Good for You!: All About Staying Healthy

Authors: Tish Rabe & Aristides Ruiz
In this newly revised editiion-with 16 pages of bonus materials-the Cat in the Hat takes young readers to a Seussian Spa where they learn the basics of healthy living. Updated with the assistance of the Partnership for a Healthier America, the Cat explains the importance of eating right (based on the latest USDA MyPlate recommendations); staying active; getting enough sleep; handwashing; brushing and flossing; wearing protective gear when playing sports--even the best way to sneeze when you don't have a tissue handy! The 16 pages of newly added back matter include simple, fun suggestions for children to increase their activity throughout the day, plus 8 kid-friendly, healthy recipes for parents to prepare for their hungry broods. An ideal choice for supporting Common Core Standards and fans of the hit PBS Kids television show The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!-this is a book that supports healthy bodies AND healthy minds!

decorative image

One Big Salad: A Delicious Counting Book

Author: Juana Medina
Juana Medina's ingenious illustrations nearly pop off the page in her new counting book, ONE BIG SALAD. One avocado deer saunters across the spread, two radish mice scurry by, until finally ten clementine kitties prance onto the scene - all of the ingredients in one big salad!

pizza image

Pizza at Sally's

Author: Monica Wellington
Sally the pizza maker makes pizza. She grows tomatoes in the community garden for the sauce. She gets cheese in the shop down the street. She buys flour from the mill for the dough. Festive artwork shows all her tasks as Sally prepares, mixes, and bakes delicious pizzas. The perfect tie-in to elementary school lessons about where food comes from, this book will be embraced by teachers. It's a delightful addition to Monica Wellington's nonfiction for the youngest readers, and it comes complete with a recipe so kids can make pizza with Sally.

plate full of color image

Plate Full of Color

Author: Georgia Perez | Illustrators: Patrick Rolo & Lisa A. Fifield
Plate Full of Color, the third book, introduces Miss Rabbit and the boys' friends, Little Hummingbird and Simon. Miss Rabbit teaches the children the value of eating a variety of colorful and healthy foods.

potter the otter image

Potter the Otter

Author: Shalini Singh Anand | Illustrators: Kate Chuang
Potter the Otter knows that making the right choices can help you grow up to be healthy inside and out. He teaches kids that it's important to drink water, eat fruits and vegetables, and get exercise and regular checkups so they can be their best and succeed in school. Follow along as Potter demonstrates fun ways to be healthy every day!
Choosing water: Potter knows it's best to drink refreshing water instead of sugary soda or juice.

pumpkin soup image

Pumpkin Soup

Author, Illustrator: Louis Ehlert
Ages: 1-3
Deep in the woods in an old white cabin, three friends make their pumpkin soup the same way every day. The Cat slices up the pumpkin, the Squirrel stirs in the water, and the Duck tips in just enough salt. But one day the Duck wants to stir instead, and then there is a horrible squabble, and he leaves the cabin in a huff. It isn't long before the Cat and the Squirrel start to worry about him and begin a search for their friend. Rendered in pictures richly evoking autumn, Helen Cooper's delightful story will resonate for a child who has known the difficulties that come with friendship. Included at the end is a recipe for delicious pumpkin soup.

Resource used in Little Books, Little Cooks; University Nevada Cooperative Extension.

rainbow stew image

Rainbow Stew

Author: Cathryn Falwell
Splish, splash, puddle dash! It s a rainy summer day, but the vegetables in Grandpa s garden are just waiting to be picked. Yellow peppers, purple cabbage, red tomatoes, green zucchini, orange carrots, and more. So many colors! So many delicious ingredients to slice, chop, peel, and dice for a great big pot of mouthwatering Rainbow Stew. Yum!"

Toddler cookbook image

The Toddler Cookbook

Author: Annabel Karmel
This is the perfect toddler cookbook for parents and children to enjoy together. Complete with easy recipes for a wide variety of dishes, from lettuce wraps to crunchy chicken dippers. The Toddler Cookbook contains multiple opportunities for toddlers to lend Mom or Dad a hand as they whip up new flavors. This is a fun way to spend quality time together and encourage your toddler to try new foods and skills.

Vegetables we eat image

The Vegetables We Eat

Author: Gail Gibbons
Peppers, beans, corn, and peas! Nonfiction superstar Gail Gibbons lays out the basics of veggies with colorful watercolors and straightforward text. Learn how they grow, how they get to stores, and how many kinds there are-and learn some weird trivia, too!
Diagrams, cross sections, and illustrations get kids up close and personal with glossy red peppers, plump orange pumpkins, delectable little peas, and dozens of other vegetables in this essential primer on the subject.

Tricky Treats image

Tricky Treats

Author: Georgia Perez | Illustrators: Patrick Rolo & Lisa A. Fifield
Tricky Treats, the fourth children's book, introduces Coyote, a trickster who attempts to trick the children into eating unhealthy foods. The children ultimately learn the importance of avoiding tricky treats when choosing foods to eat.

Tummy Talks image

Tummy Talks

Authors: Joseph McIntire, BS; Cheryl L. Sonnenberg, PhD; Carlos Martinez-Toro, Nevada State Welfare Division; and Jamie Benedict, PhD, RD | Illustrator: Patricia O. Abbott, BS, RD | Edited by: Madeleine Sigman-Grant, PhD, RD
Hoot the Owl learns a valuable lesson from Ellaroo the Elephant about listening to his tummy to tell him if he is hungry or if he is full.

Resource used in All 4 Kids University Nevada Cooperative Extension.

Up, down, and around image

Up, Down, & Around

Author: Katherine Ayres
From seeds dropping into soil to corn bursting from its stalks, from children chasing butterflies to ants burrowing underground, everything in this vibrant picture book pulses with life -- in all directions! Sprightly illustrations set the mood for a rhythmic text that follows nature's course to a feast of backyard bounty.

What Should I make image

What Should I make?

Authors: Nandini lyer & Prioti Roy
Neeraj's mother is making chapatis and she's given him a handful of the dough. What should he make with it? A snake? A mouse? A cat? But what if his creations come to life? "Roll it up, quick!" says his mother. Roll it, he does, and makes a big round chapati-- hot, light, and puffy after it's cooked, perfect for snacking.

You are what you eat image

You Are What You Eat: and Other Mealtime Hazards

Author: Serge Bloch
In this deliciously clever follow-up to Butterflies in My Stomach and Reach for the Stars, our young hero and his loyal dog, Roger, tackle another major aspect of life: eating. Mealtime should be a piece of cake, but this finicky eater eats like a bird. And that drives his mom bananas because he really should have three square meals a day. What will happen when he dines at the home of a friend whose mom is a real health nut? Maybe he'll discover that variety is the spice of life! Children might find these sayings puzzling at first. But Bloch's witty and wonderful images, which mix whimsical line drawings with photographs of inanimate objects, make everything clear-and will leave readers of all ages pleased as punch.

Lindsay A. 2020, Nutrition Books to Read to Your Children, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, IP

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