The 2019 Green Industry Training certification exam results are in and show our local green industry professionals employed in lawn and landscape, tree care, garden center and grounds and park maintenance industries are qualified to provide Nevadans with nursery and landscape services.

Businesses and organizations participating in one or all of the 2019 Green Industry Training program classes include:

  • American Arborists
  • Aspen Landscaping
  • BRS Landscaping
  • City of Winnemucca
  • Kawahara Nurseries
  • Kelley Erosion Control, Inc.
  • Heirloom Gardens
  • Home Depot
  • Moana Nursery
  • Nevada Outdoors
  • Nevada State Parks
  • Rail City Garden Center
  • Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority
  • Santiago Landscape and Maintenance
  • Tree Connection
  • Washoe County Vector Control

Individuals receiving Nursery Worker certification

  • Adrienne Jenkinson
  • Amy McGowan
  • Annika Martin
  • Carla Aguilar
  • Deven Peterson
  • Diana Garland
  • Diana Grattafiori
  • Emma Baker
  • Isabel Papp
  • Jeni Lowery
  • Jerry Carter
  • Joel Wickham
  • Joseph Mischel
  • Juan Almanza
  • Karen Anderson
  • Marnie Brennan
  • Randy Pryde
  • Ryan Reichman
  • Suri Jurad
  • Susan Freedman
Fisher, J. 2019, Certified Nursery Workers (2019), Extension website

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Associated Programs

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Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL)

Training will provide participants with local water, soil and plant information, basic and advanced irrigation principles and hands-on water audit skills they can use in the field

professionals in a commercial landscape horticulture class

Commercial Landscape Horticulture

Classes offer training for green industry workers, including some bilingual classes, on how to landscape in the Nevada desert

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Green Industry Training

A workforce development program to train green industry professionals, who receive continuing education units for pesticide applicator, ISA-certified arborist and Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper