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In 2017, there was a total of 66 children enrolled in 12 different club activities. The Livestock Groups consisted of 4-H members raising beef, swine, goats, and sheep. Some of the active community clubs during the 2017 4-H year were Martial Arts, Drama, Food, Baseball, Softball, Clover buds, Crafts, and Candy Making. We also had 12 Adult Volunteers enrolled.

During the Annual Pershing County Junior Livestock Show & Sale 29 Youth participated between 4-H and FFA.

At the 2017 4-H Central/NE Area Camp, we had a total of 13 4-H Campers, and 2 teen councilors. 4-H Central/NE Area Camp provided a week of educational and social growth for many youth.

The 2017 4-H Year was celebrated with an Award and Recognition program; over 100 adults and youth participated in the evening with dinner sponsored by Pershing County 4-H Leader’s Council. More than 60 youth were recognized for their participation in the 4-H Program. While over 40 4-H members and Clover buds were recognized with year pins, and buttons. Seventeen Adult Club Leaders were also recognized for the volunteer work.

FISCAL YEAR 2017 - 2018


$259,622 - Total Revenue
$134,062 - Total Expenses
$125,560 - Total Balance


$182,703 - County
$44,025 - State
$31,771 - Federal
$1,123 - Grants

Pershing County Cooperative Extension
810 6th St. | Lovelock, NV 89419
Stephen Foster, Extension Educator | 775-273-2923

Foster, S. 2018, Pershing County Annual Report, FY 2018, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno, County Report FY 2018

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