Approved Sept. 29, 2009

What's a domain name?

A domain name or host name is a name which when entered into the address box on a computer's WWW browser points/forwards a computer to a specific server on the Internet. Extension's domain name is Sometimes, a shorter domain name that is specific to a program name is purchased for marketing purposes. This shorter domain name would point/forward a user to a specific location on a website, such as the Extension website.

Domain names should only be purchased when continual funding is available and there is an ongoing staffing commitment for keeping the site updated and the program ongoing. Expired domain names can be purchased by anyone and repointed to anywhere they please. Reportedly some organizations have let their domain names expire and they were subsequently purchased by devious companies who pointed them to porn sites. When the organizations asked to buy the domain names back, they were held hostage and asked to pay thousands of dollars.

If I want to purchase a domain name, what do I need to do?

First, contact the College's director of communications and get permission to purchase a domain name. Domain names are generally a multi-year commitment, i.e. a name we want our audiences to remember and use to find us well into the future. Once approved, the following information should be sent to Extension's webmaster: (1) the domain name you want to purchase; (2) the URL you want the domain name to point to, i.e. the page on the Extension website you want the user linked to when users type the domain name into their address box; and (3) the account number the purchase should be charged to.

Important note!

When considering the purchase of a domain name, please recognize the name will direct users to a location other than our home page ( Preferably, we want to direct users to our home page to: (1) get a broad overview of our diverse programs; and (2) read our feature stories and news so they have an idea of the important issues Extension is addressing and help spread the word to their family, friends, neighbors and decision makers.

Hence while a limited number of domain names will direct specific audiences to the resources they seek, too many domain names will bypass our home page and could hinder efforts to market our diverse programs to multiple audiences.

Extension 2009, Policy on Purchasing Internet Domain Names, Extension