• Angela O’Callaghan, Associate Professor - Social Horticulture (Clark County),, 702-257-5581
  • Anne Lindsay, Professor – Public Health & Exercise Science (Clark County),, 702-940-5434
  • Aurora Buffington, Assistant Professor – Public Health Nutrition (Clark County),, 702-257-5534
  • Buddy Borden, Associate Professor – Community Analysis & Economic Development (Clark County),, 702-257-5505
  • Christina Restaino, Assistant Professor – Natural Resources (Washoe County),
  • Dan Weigel, Professor – Child & Family Living (Washoe County),,    775-784-4848
  • Heidi Kratsch, Associate Professor – Horticulture (Washoe County),, 775-784-4848
  • M.L. Robinson, Associate Professor – Environmental Horticulture (Clark County),, 702-222-3130
  • Marlene Rebori, Professor – Community & Organizational Development (Washoe County),, 775-784-4848
  • Maninder Walia, Assistant Professor – Field Crops (Washoe County),, 775-336-0257
  • Teresa Byington, Professor – Early Childhood Education (Clark County),, 702-222-3130
  • YaeBin Kim, Associate Professor – Parenting Education & Child Development (Clark County),, 702-257-5521


  • Amilton de Mello, Associate Professor – Meat Science & Food Safety (Dept of Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences),, 775-784-6648
  • Paul Meiman, Associate Professor – Rangeland Livestock/Wildlife Interactions (Dept of Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences, Elko County),
  • Lesley Morris, Associate Professor – Rangeland Ecology & Management (Dept of Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences),, 775-784-6227
  • Patricia Santos, Assistant Professor – Molecular Plant Pathology (Dept of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology),, 775-784-4102


  • Loretta Singletary, Professor – Economics & Interdisciplinary Outreach Liaison (Dept of Economics),, 775-682-9138 
  • Michael Taylor, Associate Professor – Agriculture & Resource Economics (Dept of Economics), taylor@unr.ediu, 775-784-1679
  • Thomas Harris, Professor – Economic Development (Dept of Economics, Director of the Center for Economic Development),, 775-784-1681


  • Brenda Freeman, Professor – Mental Health Specialist (Dept of Counseling & Educational Psychology),, 775-682-9353 
  • Pamela Payne, Assistant Professor – Human Development & Family Studies (Dept of Human Development & Family Studies),, 775-682-6637
  • William Evans, Professor – Youth Development (Dept of Human Development & Family Studies),, 775-784-7013


  • Kerri Jean Ormerod, Associate Professor – Geography; Human-environment relations regarding water governance; Director of Living with Drought (Dept of Geography),, 775-784-6347
  • Stephanie McAfee, Associate Professor – Applied Climatology; Nevada State Climatologist (Dept of Geography),, 775-784-6999


  • Lisa Taylor, Assistant Professor – Carson City & Storey County,,       775-887-2252
  • Vacant – Churchill County
  • Eric Killian – Southern Area Director,, 702-257-5542
  • Hayley Maio – Clark County (Laughlin),
  • Carol Bishop, Associate Professor – Clark County (Logandale & Mesquite),, 702-397-2604
  • Lindsay Chichester, Assistant Professor – Douglas County,,        775-782-9960
  • Jill Baker-Tingey, Assistant Professor – Elko County,, 775-738-1990
  • Gary McCuin  – Eureka County,, 775-237-6134
  • Brad Schultz, Professor – Humboldt County,, 775-623-6304
  • Lois Erquiaga – Lander County,,  
  • Donald Deever, Assistant Professor – Lincoln County,, 775-726-3109
  • Adeel Ahmed – Lyon County,,
  • Staci Emm, Professor – Mineral County,, 775-945-3444
  • Misha Allen – S Nye County,
  • Vacant – N Nye & Esmeralda County
  • Steve Foster, Associate Professor – Pershing County,, 775-273-2923
  • Holly Gatzke – Northern Area Director,, 775-784-4848
  • Vacant – White Pine County


Lyles, I. 2019, List of Extension's Statewide Faculty, Extension

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