Weekly updates and expertise to assist agriculturists in making management and production decisions for future viability.

Lindsay Chichester, an Extension educator known as “Dr. Lindsay” to many in the country’s agriculture industry and on social media, understands the ups and downs of farming and ranch life, growing up on a cattle and sheep ranch in northern California, and going on to earn a master’s degree in animal science and a doctorate in agricultural sciences.
There are so many unknowns right now, our country's farmers and ranchers are struggling to navigate a market where the supply chains have been disrupted and to understand how our current events may impact their future viability. Talking to colleagues and friends from around the country, Chichester realized we are all asking the same questions and wanting more guidance. So, we’re providing this online series to bring in boots-on-the-ground, grass-roots speakers who are involved in their respective industries to offer some insight and support.”

Every Tuesday, 10am PST, 11am MT, 12pm CST, 1pm EST

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