Photo of Anay Gomez, Extension

Anay Gomez

4-H STEAM Coordinator


B.S. Earth and Environmental Science, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


A group of girls

Clark County (Las Vegas) 4-H Youth Development

4-H programming in the general Clark County area.

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Technical Publication
4-H Afterschool Safekey Robotics Program, Spring 2023 Report
During the spring 2023 school semester, UNR Extension Clark County 4-H partnered with Clark County Parks and Recreation to pilot a 4-H Afterschool Robotics program. We worked with six elementary schools at five afterschool Safekey sites, trained nine Safekey staff leaders, and taught one hundred seventy-one students fr
Gomez, A. & Luna, N. 2023, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno