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Sarah Daniel

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Healthy Food Systems

The Healthy Food Systems Program works to increase access to and knowledge about healthy foods within the community through direct education and policy, systems, and environmental changes. The program focuses on local food production, food preparation and processing, nutrition, and food security to successfully educate the community on how food systems influence health.

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Produce Pick of the Month

This evidence-based campaign focuses on building fruit and vegetable consumption in children through healthy snacking. Produce Pick of the Month is a monthly, in-school nutrition education program for primary grade children in at-risk elementary schools in many counties across Nevada. In addition to direct instruction, staff works with school wellness coordinators to build meaningful and sustainable programming to create a good environment in every school.

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SNAP Into Farm Fresh Foods

SNAP Into Farm Fresh Foods is a health and nutrition program that provides education to SNAP-eligible participants and provides technical assistance to local farmers market managers and vendors seeking to become SNAP authorized and implement SNAP friendliness best practices.  

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Do Hospitals Led by Physician CEO's Have Better Leapfrog Scores
This study aimed to compare patient outcomes among hospitals led by physician and non-physician CEOs.
Helen See, MPH; Lacey Shreve, MD, MPH candidate; Sheila K. Slonim, RN, MSN, DSc candidate; Sarah Daniel, MPH candidate; and Anthony D. Slonim, MD, DrPH, FAAPL 2021, Physician Leadership Journal