Adeel Ahmed

Photo of Adeel Ahmed, Extension

Adeel Ahmed

Assistant Professor, County Educator


I am thrilled to join the University of Nevada, Reno as an Extension educator in Lyon County. I have a long history in Extension in Minnesota, where I was a regional educator specializing in community and economic development.

My favorite projects have been working with communities, using local data to discover strengths and weaknesses, facilitating discussions to develop projects, and managing teams to implement those projects. The impact from these projects has ranged from infrastructure improvements (adding an additional lane to an interstate highway running through the city) to new tourism programs (bike borrowing program to help locals and visitors to explore the area). I also developed an emarketing program that helped business owners develop strategies to do business online. This program has been adapted nationally in about a dozen states.

Outside of my work life, I like to spend time with my family, explore the great outdoors, play sports and volunteer in my local community. Please feel free to contact me and I look forward to working with you all!