Nikki Regalado

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Nikki Regalado

Community Based Instructor III


B.S. University of Nevada, Las Vegas 2017
C.H.E.S., 2019


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Garden-based Nutrition Education

Garden-based nutrition education efforts throughout the lifespan empower participants of all ages to grow their own affordable, nutrient-dense food. Garden sites include schools, residential centers, and parks & recreation facilities in order to serve a wide range of populations including preschoolers, women under correctional supervision, and older adults. We believe that gar

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Healthy Food Systems

The Healthy Food Systems Program works to increase access to and knowledge about healthy foods within the community through direct education and policy, systems and environmental approaches. The program focuses on local food production, food preparation and processing, nutrition and food security to successfully educate the community on how food systems influence health.

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SNAP Into Farm Fresh Foods

We teach SNAP recipients how to so support local farmers markets by purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables with their benefits. We also work with local farmers market managers, vendors and other community partners to educate them on the importance of creating a SNAP-friendly environment and provide SNAP-related technical support

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Healthy LIVING while aging! Northern Nevada Edition
Monthly newsletter covering: versatile vegetables; benefits of shopping at farmers markets, senior farmers market nutrition program, Nevada seasonal harvest chart for June - August, rural Nevada farmers market schedule, and a kale soy salad and a creamy peanut dip recipe.
Buffington, A.; Clarke, A.D.; Mazzullo, N.; Ragalado, M. N. 2020, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, Northern Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 8