Ian Ford-Terry

Photo of Ian Ford-Terry, Extension

Ian Ford-Terry

Community Based Instructor III


Youth Horticulture Education Program career readiness and hydroponics instructor. Emphasis on teaching adjudicated and incarcerated youth.  


Yosemite High School 1997
B.A. Humboldt State University 2010


people siting in a botanic garden

Botanic Gardens

Extension's 3.3 acre outdoor educational Botanic Gardens are located at 8050 Paradise Road in Las Vegas. Maintained by faculty, staff and Master Gardener Volunteers, the gardens provide demonstrations and research opportunities. It features an orchard, vegetables, compost, mulch, native wash, children's garden, rose garden, cactus garden, milkweeds/monarchs, herbs and a team development course. The gardens are open to the public for self-guided and guided tours.

Master Gardener taking grape inspection notes on a clipboard

Center for Urban Water Conservation

Researching new varieties of fruit producing trees, vines and other plant materials in sustainable ways for the Mojave Desert climate.

community gardening program

Youth Horticulture Education Program

Youth Horticulture Education Program is the premier program of horticulture projects that involve youth, families and educators.

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Fact Sheets
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