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Willie Daugherty

Program Officer I


Willie focuses on providing educational services, information, and skills to empower youth and families to make positive lifestyle changes. She leads and manages programs in the areas of Workforce Readiness, Career Edge: Teens Taking Charge of their Future, Youth Entrepreneurship, Mini Society and Cosmetic Science, Extension’s Team Development Course, and the A.D. Guy Knowledge Center. She works closely with schools, community centers, and under-resourced families living in the Historic Westside public housing communities to provide access to 4-H membership, after-school activities, summer and day camps, workforce, and career readiness.  


B.A. University of Iowa


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Career Edge: Teens Taking Charge of Their Future! A Workforce Readiness Program

A workforce readiness program for high school students focused on skill development for workplace and job success. Career Edge provides information and training on interview skills, résumé development, filling out applications, finding job leads and selecting appropriate clothing for the workplace. In addition, many "soft skills" needed in the workplace such as decision-making, teamwork, problem-solving and leadership are integrated throughout the program.

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This fact sheet lists out several breathing exercises for anyone to reduce stress.
Huluwazu, P. and Daugherty, W. 2001, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, FS-01-61