White Pine County

On Nevada’s eastern border, White Pine County is bordered by Elko County to the north, Lincoln and Nye Counties to the south, Eureka County to the west and the state of Utah to the Fall Colors in the Great Basin east. With a diverse landscape, which includes 8,877 square miles of mountains, lakes, caves, campgrounds, foothills, valleys, rangeland and desert, it is no understatement that White Pine’s county slogan reads “in the middle of everywhere.”

White Pine’s rural landscape is the perfect backdrop for the county’s half-dozen towns and census-designated places that put an emphasis on community. Through its outdoor recreational activity, rich history, seasonal and annual events, veteran appreciation, museums, fine arts and involved school district, White Pine remains a place proud to be called home. With its variety in destination, the county is also a place to which many tourists can travel to get away.

All throughout the year in White Pine, community events draw locals and surroundingMan fishing with woman and dog on a boat at Ely State Park. enthusiasts to the center of the county and around. At Cave Lake State Park, between Ely and Great Basin National Park, summer and winter months are packed with activities. As detailed on the Cave Lake State Park website, in the summer, the water is primed for boating and fishing, with 32-acres of reservoir and a stock of rainbow trout and German brown trout. At Cave Lake, White Pine residents and visitors swim, hike, camp and mountain bike. According to the website, “once winter arrives, guests of the park can enjoy ice fishing, skating, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. The park is also home to abundant and diverse wildlife.”

In addition to these year-round activities and amenities, annual events like the Rotary Club Ice Fishing Derby, the Fire and Ice Winter Festival and the Take it to the Lake Half Marathon showcase the White Pine community. The Ice Fishing Derby is a friendly outdoor gathering in January where folks celebrate their love for fishing. Likewise in the winter, the unique Fire and Ice Winter Festival is a 3-day festival with an ice sculpting competition followed by a fireworks train and the burning of the sculptures. Other competitions include bowling and ice horseshoes, and extend to indoor competitions as well, with bowling, darts, and billiards. Videos of Ely’s Fire and Ice Winter Festival are available on Visit Ely Nevada’s YouTube Channel, where event trailers showcase the variety of all the competitions, and footage of the final ceremonies can be viewed, where at least a thousand folks gather at night around the bonfire for cheer.

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The NEAP team would like to give our thanks to following members of the White Pine County Community who have assisted us in this process.

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