4-H Afterschool SNACs are student led 4-H clubs that promote leadership skills that focus on healthy living, nutrition, physical activity, cooking, and public speaking.

4-H SNAC Clubs are the result of a collaboration among University of Nevada, Reno Extension 4-H, Health and Nutrition, University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR), community-based organizations, and volunteers made possible by funding from a CYFAR (Children, Youth, and Families at Risk) grant.

4-H SNAC members complete youth-driven projects to enhance the school wellness environment. They learn by completing hands on projects with the guidance of an adult. These projects encourage 4-H SNAC members to learn how to make good choices, think critically, and become leaders.

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Healthy living projects may include:

  • Preparing healthy snacks.
  • Reinvigorating or creating a school garden.
  • Promoting healthy living at their school.

Youth-adult partnerships are essential to developing these skills around healthy living. It encourages positive youth development.

4-H SNAC Desired Outcomes:


  • Youth will have improved nutrition and physical health knowledge and practices.
  • Youth will have increased career awareness and readiness.
  • Youth will have improved self-efficacy for being an advocate of heath.


  • Youth co-created a community of health and wellness.
  • Increased community capacity for sustainability.
  • Increased resilience.

Our current 4-H Afterschool SNAC Clubs:

  • Coyote Bell 4-H SNAC Club
  • Falcon Fun 4-H SNAC Club
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Drawing designed by 4H SNAC Club member.

4-H SNAC Club healthy living impacts at their school:

Members at their school garden planting vegetables to encourage healthy eating at their school.
kids gardening
Members learn how to prepare a healthy snack.
fruit cups
Members designed a school wellness poster to encourage healthy eating at their school.
poster contest

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