Leading, directing, and coordinating a group/organization to reach its strategic goals.




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Ready to Hire an Employee?Woman being interview and Juan Salas

Without a dedicated HR department, small business owners must learn about job descriptions, interviewing, job offers, and onboarding. Join the class to learn about these concepts and to develop an action plan.

Employee Handbook and NV Labor LawsLibrary full of books

Learn about the benefits of having an employee handbook and the basic Nevada labor law requirements to watch out for.    

Analysis of Financial ReportsFinance data and graph

Review basic financial reports and how to analyze them to make business decisions.  

Understanding Behaviors for Effective Team CommunicationSeveral people working around a whiteboard with Juan Salas

Owners and employers need to communicate effectively with their teams. Learn about the core behavioral styles and skills to be successful in communication.    

Productive Employee Evaluations for a Small Business2 women talkinga about an evaluation with Juan Salas

Employee evaluations are an opportunity to assess how responsibilities and skills are aligned to company goals. It's a great tool to help employees and the company synchronize efforts.    

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