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Bookkeeping Concepts and SoftwareBusiness papers and Juan Salas

This video will teach you all about bookkeeping concepts, charts of accounts, and how everything should be balanced and organized to produce financial reports. Let's explore some options for software and your action plan to keep your numbers up to date!    

Business Entities and TaxesComputer statistics and Juan

Before entering into business, learn about the different tax structures that you can run your business under. Open an LLC in NV and understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different tax structures.     
Cash Flow, Income, Expenses, and TaxesTax time and Juan Salas This video will teach you all about the Cash Flow Report, which includes the sections of the report, its uses, and its limitations. It'll also go over examples to use for planning expenses, taxes, and projections.

Taxes and My BusinessTax forms and Juan Salas

Taxes are essential to a business. In this workshop, learn about the different types of taxes that might be applicable to your business at the State and Federal Level. Calculate and plan your tax compliance obligations related to Profits, Sales, and Payroll, as well as the owner's individual tax.  

Taxes That Apply To My BusinessTax papers and Juan Salas

Taxes aren't the most enjoyable subject for entrepreneurs, but it's vital to keep an open mind about them. This video will review business structures and the taxes that apply in each case at the federal and state levels. Learn about employee and independent contractor classification and compliance in NV.    

Taxes in an LLC and Owner's CompensationHand holding $100 dollar bills and Juan Salas

Is your LLC under the correct tax structure? Are you paying yourself correctly? In this class, you'll learn
how to understand your LLC tax structure, get paid as an owner, and pay employee taxes and Nevada taxes.

3 Apps to Simplify Your BookkeepingAccounting spreadsheet filled with numbers and Juan Salas

Keep your accounting information organized with these three amazing apps. This class will explore Quickbooks, Xero, and Wave bookkeeping software and how these apps can help you streamline your business accounting processes.    

Close Your BooksTwo hands counting money with calculator with Juan Salas

It's year-end, and it's about that time again! Everybody has to close their books in their small business. In this class, we'll review your year-end results so that you can close your books for taxes and be prepared for next year.    

You've Hired Your First Employee-Now What?Two women sitting at a table having a discussion with Juan Salas

Join us to explore the expectations for the first week and learn about the federal and state requirements for employers in areas such as payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, and worker's compensation.    

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