Behind the scenes tasks for delivering goods and services and the protection of company assets.

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Want to Take a Vacation from Your Business?Beach scene with Reyna Mendez

Small business owners are notorious for not taking vacations. because they are probably missing procedures in their business. What can you do to take time off and keep your small business thriving? Learn how to set up successful procedures for your business!    

Intellectual Property BasicsTypewriter with "Copyright Claim" on paper with Mike Bindrup

Your creation deserves protection. In this class, you will learn about concepts to protect your intangible assets.    

Why Small Businesses Need to Practice Quality ControlClothing store with lots of inventory with Reyna Mendez

Learn the importance of developing and implementing a quality control process for your small business.    

Customer Service SecretsWoman looking at a menu with a woman writing down her order with Reyna Mendez

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. Learn the secrets of customer service and
enhance positive experiences in your business.

Going Cashless in Your BusinessWomen holding a POS machine and person swiping phone over it with Mike Bindrup

Take advantage of electronic payments for your small business. In this class, you will learn about different payment app options, best practices to organize cashless accounting, and more.    

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