Michael H. Taylor

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Michael H. Taylor

Associate Professor


Michael H. Taylor is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Nevada, Reno and a State Specialist with University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. Dr. Taylor's research and outreach activities focus on several issues of critical importance for Nevada, including wildland fire, urban and agricultural water use, invasive plant management, public land management, and the role of natural resources in regional economic development.

Dr. Taylor's recent outreach activities include leading the development and implementation of a natural resource needs assessment survey for the Nevada Association of Conservation Districts and assisting in the development of a strategic plan for the native plant materials industry in Nevada as a member of the Nevada Native Seed Partnership.


B.A., McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park, MD


Thomas Harris speaking to group of Nevada Economic Assessment Project Stakeholders at an update meeting

Nevada Economic Assessment Project (NEAP)

The Nevada Economic Assessment Project focuses on providing Nevada’s counties, state and federal agencies, and their partners with quantitative and qualitative baseline data and analyses to better understand the counties’ demographic, social, economic, fiscal and environmental characteristics, trends and impacts. The data can be used for land use and project planning, grant writing and overall policy assessment.

slide mountain from washoe lake

SNOWPACS: Synthesizing kNowledge to Optimize Water Policy for Agriculture under Changing Snowpack

SNOWPACS is a National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)-funded project on the impact of changes in mountain snowpack on agricultural production and water allocation institutions in the western United States.

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Fact Sheets
Buying Seed: Understanding Analysis, Certification and Treatment Tags
Understanding the components of seed labels and certification tags is important when purchasing seed for wildland restoration projects. Learn the common components of a seed label and the different seed certification tags issued by official seed-certifying agencies.
Taylor, M. and Wilhelm, R. 2019, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno
Special Publications
Lake sitting in the middle of a green forest at Spooner Lake and Backcountry State Park
Nevada State Parks Visitor Use Survey Data Profile Report
This report presents comprehensive findings from a survey across Nevada's state parks under the Nevada Division of State Parks, covering Visitor Demographics, Trip and Visit Characteristics, Park Performance, Planning Priorities and Recreation Activities.
Buddy Borden, Joseph Lednicky, Michael Taylor, Alec Bowman, Zen Frykberg, Noah Neuman 2024, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno
2 hunters carrying rifles walking through a snowy pasture
Hunter Expenditure in Nevada
A Comprehensive Analysis of Big Game and Upland Game Hunting-Related Expenditures in 2020.
A Bowman, M. Taylor, B. Borden 2022, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno
Hunting-Related Economic Activity in Nevada
A County-Level Analysis of the Economic Activity Associated with Big Game and Upland Game Hunting in 2020.
A. Bowman, M. Taylor, T. Harris, B. Borden 2022, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno