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Healthy LIVING while aging!
The monthly newsletter is a great resource for information on the importance of exercise along with health and nutrition. Each edition highlights upcoming nutrition and physical activity events, and so much more.

Highlighted Programs

Bingocize Bingocize mixes exercise, health education and bingo to get seniors to exercise, socialize and have fun.
group playing games
Cooking Matters Teaching older adults how to cook and provide healthy meals on a budget to the children in their care.
family around dinner table
Seniors Eating Well Food demonstrations and educational materials designed to teach older adults how to maintain a healthier lifestyle.
man making sandwich
Senior Gardens Empowering participants of all ages to grow their own affordable and nutrient-dense food.
family gardening
Simply Delicious: Easy, Healthy Meals Our Simply Delicious recipes are simple to prepare, easy to cook and taste delicious.
women chopping vegs
Nevada CAN Nevada COVID-19 Aging Network and resource information for older adults.
elderly women looking at smart phone.

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Recent Reports, Fact Sheets, News Articles...

Illustration of world with various holiday icons.

Healthy Living while Aging! (2022-12)

All the holidays have certain things in common, including unity, celebration and sharing. Learn about different food customs and the holidays that accompany them. This newsletter encourages better eating habits and includes a delicious recipe that you can try this holiday season.

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Healthy LIVING while Aging! (2022-11)

Learn about My Native Plate which is a nutrition education tool, used to teach about balanced meals and food groups, cooking methods, and portion sizes. Also, try a yummy oatmeal recipe that you can incorporate into your morning routines!

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Healthy LIVING while aging! (2022-09)

In honor of World Alzheimer’s day, we will discuss dementia and meaningful activities that can be applied to daily life. This newsletter hopes to bring a chance for more meaningful experiences with those affected by dementia and their family members.