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Healthy LIVING while aging! (2024-02)

As we get older, love may start to look a little different. Learn some great ideas to bring sensory touch to an elder living alone. And read how to make small changes in your diet to more nutrient-dense food and beverage choices for breakfast and lunch. Next month, stay tuned for dinner suggestions.

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Healthy LIVING while aging! (2024-01)

Learn about the state's Radon Program and how to get free testing kits in Jan. and Feb. using our website's interactive map to find a pick-up location nearest you. Kits are available online for $17. In the kitchen, we are making an easy and nutritious power bowl using things you may already have on hand.

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Healthy LIVING while aging! (2023-12)

Do the holidays make you a little lonely? Follow my eight tips to reduce loneliness and try to create an atmosphere that is positive and uplifting and captures the true meaning of the holidays. Learn ways to reduce holiday sugar. Identify the names of hidden sugars. And look for ways to make healthy beverage shifts.

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Aging Mastery Program®

An evidenced-informed curriculum combining knowledge sharing with goal-setting and feedback routines, daily practices, peer support and small rewards. Classes are led by a facilitator and enhanced by expert speakers who help participants gain the skills and tools they need to manage their health, remain economically secure, and contribute actively to society.

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Disrupt Aging Classroom

An interactive evidence-based curriculum developed by AARP® that challenges students to examine their aging perceptions and think about how the growing aging population is relevant to their personal lives and future careers. Taught by extensively trained facilitators in the classroom or virtually.