As a parent, you want your children to learn all that they can

What is Partners in Parenting?

The first five years of life have a significant effect on children's development and learning and parents play the most important role during this time. Parenting education and support are key to raising successful children, creating confident parents and building strong families and communities. Partners in Parenting promotes positive parenting and child health and development, thereby preventing child abuse and other poor childhood outcomes. Recent research shows that parents of young children who received a parent training program or attended parenting workshops improved their parenting skills (Golan, Spiker & Sumi, 2005; Hodnett et al., 2009).

Partners in Parenting offers many educational programs, workshops and resources primarily for parents with young children (0-5 years of age) to support healthy child development, school readiness skills and positive parent-child interaction.


  • Little Books & Little Cooks Program is a national award winning program (from the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences) to address parenting and nutrition information. The program teaches both parents and their young children (ages 3-5) important milestones of early learning and literacy, school readiness and good nutrition through a seven week program.
  • Fun to Play for Preschoolers Program encourages positive-parent child interaction and learning though creative play. It also promotes children’s school readiness skills and introduces the Nevada Pre-Kindergarten standards.
  • Let's Discover STEM Program is a family engagement program aimed at parents and young children together around simple, fun Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities. Interest, knowledge and skills in STEM begin before and early exposure (either in school or at home) supports children's overall academic growth.
  • Kinship Families is a family support program for caregivers of children in out-of-home placement. Currently, we offer an informational website using our 100+ page resource guide Raising Your Relative's Kids: How to Find Help. The guide is also available in print and on CD, including a Spanish version.
  • Exploring Safety: A program for families with young children is designed to improve awareness of important child safety issues and to increase parenting knowledge.
  • Positive Connections for Parents & Teenagers is a program for parents with adolescents designed to help understand teen behavior and increase parenting knowledge.
  • Digital Parenting Program provides an opportunity for teachers, schools and early childhood care centers to easily and effectively communicate and connect with families beyond the classroom.  The digital library offers access to parenting messages for parent-teacher communication that allows parents to engage in their child's development and learning, thus creating a healthy atmosphere to establish positive early childhood parenting.  For parents who are interested in receiving these educational messages (via text or email) please email Christina Lee to be added to our parenting group.

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  • Family Storyteller: Interactive Literacy promotes family literacy and school readiness skills through parent-child reading and make-and-take activities. Educational workshop topics include: Fun with Non-Fiction, Favorite Fairy Tales, First Steps to Writing, and Phonics & Sounds.
  • Screen Time Smarts is a digital media workshop with learning, reading and iPad activities. In today's world of smartphones, tablets and on-demand services, preschoolers are a technology- and media-saturated generation. This workshop will highlight recommended screen time guidelines, parental involvement, online safety, and tips for choosing online content, education applications (apps) and electronic (e-) books.
  • Social Emotional Learning is a fundemental part of education and human development. This workshop will help promote a healthy understanding of ourselves, managing our emotions, how to connect with others and apply it to everyday life.
  • Seasonal STEM Classes combine STEM learning with the unique changes of the season. Seasons help young children learn about how time passes, how different seasonal changes influences everything around them, and makes then more aware of the natural world. 


What do we do?

  • Programs and workshops are taught all year long at many community sites such as elementary schools, family engagement centers and libraries.
  • All classes and materials are free.
  • Clases en Español son disponibles (contactar a Olga Soto).

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