Just in Time Parenting is an electronically delivered age-paced parenting newsletter developed by a national network of Extension Family Life Specialists. A team of Extension colleagues across states currently work together to update and deliver the newsletters, which can be found on the Just in Time Parenting website. Age-paced means that a specific age newsletter is sent to parents/caregivers at the same time their child reaches that age. This program is designed to reach parents at teachable, transitional moments. The information provided is research-based and proven effective. 

What is Just in Time Parenting?A mother holds her sleeping newborn baby

  • It is a FREE series of newsletters for new parents with children newborn to 5 years old. Each issue is geared to their child’s specific age. Prenatal issues are also available.
  • Just in Time Parenting provides information on child development and parenting, and is packed with the latest research-based information.
  • The information is written at a reading level most American adults can read.
  • It is available online or through the mail, in English or Spanish.

What is the purpose of information presented in Just in Time Parenting?

  • To promote positive parenting and prevent child maltreatment
  • To encourage sensitive and responsive care giving
  • To provide information to parents and caregivers that will increase their knowledge, skills, and confidence
  • To help with the healthy development of children

What kinds of topics are covered?

  • How children are developing at specific ages
  • Things parents can do to promote healthy child development
  • Some of the best-known threats to early brain development such as, exposure to lead, cigarette smoke and poisons
  • Nutrition and feeding
  • Health and safety

Learn more about the program contributor(s)

YaeBin Kim
Program Leader & Contact

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