4-H Afterschool is a program implemented by Extension in Clark County School District schools. 4-H Afterschool aims to provide youth development opportunities afterschool for middle schoolers and high schoolers using the experiential learning model. Afterschool programs reduce unsupervised time for children and replace the time with instruction from a caring adult. 

Afterschool Club Projects

Students have autonomy to choose areas of interest and start clubs on a wide variety of topics. 




String Painting


3D Printing


Jewelry Making

Learn By Doing

All 4-H lessons and curriculum follow the experiential learning model, where youth learn by participating in a hands-on activity.

1. Do Youth participate in a hands-on activity.
building a desert tortoise habitat
2. Reflect Youth share and process their new experiences.
reflection taking place with students raising their hands
3. Apply Youth use their new knowledge in the future.
completed project from desert tortoise club

How It Works

Flexible Schedule

4-H Afterschool is available on a flexible schedule according to the school's needs. Programming can run anywhere from 2 to 5 days a week for 1-2 hours after school. Programs run in six-week short-interest sessions with week-long breaks between.

Contracted Instructors

Extension pays school teachers $31.50 an hour to prepare and deliver 4-H curriculum. Contracted instructors submit their timesheets monthly. Teachers are able to select any subject or topic to teach, so long as students are interested in learning. Extension will also provide instructors with a limited budget to purchase instructional supplies.

Support from Extension

Each school is assigned a coordinator from Extension to help with transporting/purchasing supplies, providing curriculum, professional development and various other tasks to support the overall program. Our 4-H professionals can lead clubs based on our program menu. CCSD and Extension have an established MOU that can be modified to fit 4-H Afterschool at different schools.

Field Trip Opportunities

University of Nevada, Reno Extension hosts several field trips for our CCSD school partners. Extension can take your students on a field trip that they will not forget. Students will learn about water quality, local wildlife and practice leadership skills all at Nevada 4-H Camp Alamo!

4-H Afterschool Program Sites

Interested in 4-H Afterschool coming to your school? Reach out to one of the contacts below.

Learn more about the program contributor(s)

Yolys Carrera
Program Contact
Tammy Haddad
Program Contact
Nora Luna
Program Contact
Yaritza Ileana Morales
Program Contact
Lindsay Chichester
Team Member
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News Articles, Fact Sheets, Reports...
4-H Afterschool Safekey Robotics Program, Spring 2023 Report
During the spring 2023 school semester, UNR Extension Clark County 4-H partnered with Clark County Parks and Recreation to pilot a 4-H Afterschool Robotics program. We worked with six elementary schools at five afterschool Safekey sites, trained nine Safekey staff leaders, and taught one hundred seventy-one students fr
Gomez, A. & Luna, N. 2023, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno