Information for the Home Seller

Buyers are increasingly concerned about exposing their families to health dangers and assuming additional financial burdens. In this competitive buyers' market, it would be wise to do all you can to market your home to its best advantage. A mitigated house in an area of high radon potential is a marketing-plus.

If you have already tested your home for radon

If you have already tested your home for radon, review the Radon in Real Estate Testing Checklist to make sure that the test was done correctly. If it was, give your test results to the buyer. If it has been more than two years since you tested, retest to make sure that the radon level is still below 4 pCi/l. Also, tell potential buyers if your home has a radon mitigation system. Give them information about the system's operation, maintenance, and any warranties.

The potential buyer may still ask for a new test, especially if:

  • The test does not meet all items on the Radon in Real Estate Testing Checklist.
  • The last test was done more than two years ago.
  • You have renovated or altered your home since it was last tested.
  • The buyer plans to live in a lower level of the house than was tested. For example, the buyer may plan to use a room in the basement, but you did the radon test on the first floor.
  • Your state or local government requires sellers to tell buyers whether a radon test occurred or the radon level in the home.

If the home has not yet been tested for radon

Test your home as soon as possible. If you can, test your home before putting it up for sale. Some areas require certain steps be taken when testing a home during a real estate transaction. Contact NREP  for more information, and use the Radon in Real Estate Checklist to help guide you. If you hire a professional to test your home, be sure to work with a certified radon tester that is qualified in testing homes for radon during real estate transactions.

Consider fixing any home with a radon level at or above 4 pCi/l before it is sold. See How to Fix a Radon Problem for information on fixing houses with radon.

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