The Nevada Economic Assessment Project (NEAP) aims to provide county, state, and federal agencies, and their partners, with quantitative and qualitative baseline data and analyses to better understand trends in each county’s demographic, social, economic, fiscal and environmental characteristics. The data can be used for land use and project planning, grant writing and overall policy assessment. This project is led by Buddy Borden and Tom Harris, community economic development Extension specialists. Harris is also director of the University Center for Economic Development.
The long-term goal is to develop and maintain an extensive data repository and set of analytical tools that are meaningful, consistent, and verifiable.


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Lithium Report

This report aims to estimate the economic, fiscal, and community impacts of the construction and operation of a new lithium mine and lithium processing plant in Humboldt County, Nevada.  

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Mountain Biking Impacts

The purpose of this study is to assess the business opportunities and impact in Lincoln County from the development and operation of a new Mountain Biking trails originating from Caliente, Nevada.

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The vast quantities of public lands in the West and the management of these public lands greatly impacts county economies and local government fiscal balances. The PILT report explains this process.

NEAP Program Evaluation Results

The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the effectiveness and value of the program from the perspective of the partners. The survey consisted of 16 questions designed to better understand partner contributions to the program, program outcomes, data use and access, perception of the program, and benefits from participation in the
program. The evaluation covered the first three years of the program, from 2018 to 2022.

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Outdoor Recreation


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This report provides a comprehensive analysis of hunter expenditures for big game and upland game hunting in Nevada in 2020.

It focuses on hunting-related expenditures at the state level; a companion report provides estimates of the total economic and fiscal impact of hunting for Nevada and its counties and explores opportunities to increase the share of total hunting-related expenditures captured by businesses
in rural Nevada.


More about the NEAP project

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County Reports

Look at the full reports for each county in Nevada.  These include 6 characteristics of each county including demographics, economics, fiscal, industry, social and community assets.

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The Team

Meet our team, who collaborate to collect the most recent data releases to analyze and package new reports for community leaders, county representatives, and decision-makers.

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Publication Library

Search all publications by NEAP including full baseline reports, PILT reports, Hunting Expenditure reports, Mountain Biking and Other Outdoor Tourism Assessments and Impacts.

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