Carla Millares-Forno 2020, Summary of 4-H Classes Taught in 2020 in Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas Office), Extension, University of Nevada, Reno, Technical Publication

In 2020, 4-H hosted 49 courses, from which 34 were online, and 15 were face to face. In total, 212 participants attended the online classes, of those, 35 participants completed the satisfaction survey. In the face-to-face classes, 54 participants completed a Common Measure survey. The surveys vary, depending on the program, topic, age of the participant, and delivery method. Based on the completed surveys, participants enjoyed the programs delivered; They reported that they were excellent and very good. Participants saw the value of the classes as they reported that they learned about the subject matter. Youth are interested in learning about topics in engineering and science. However, it is curious that even though they like learning about science, having a job in a science-related field got one of the lowest scores (44%) along with plant science (44%).

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