Luna, Nora and Solis-Leon, Jesus 2021, Clark County 4-H, 2020-2021 4-H Attendance and Evaluation Report, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno, County Report

The Clark County 4-H Plan provides a vision and outlines goals to expand and support national and state priorities in Clark County. The plan was designed to interconnect with the state's purpose to establish a statewide coherent approach (Usinger et al., 2014): “Extension 4-H Youth Development is an age-appropriate, positive youth development program that helps shape future leaders and innovators through research-driven, hands-on learning activities with a focus on academic and career readiness.”

The following is a summary of the programs that were delivered between October 2020 and September 2021, including locations, dates, and demographics. It also includes an overview of youth survey analysis results; evaluation survey implementation began in February 2021.

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Three different surveys were administered, based on the number of sessions youth attended. The Youth Thriving Survey was given to youth who attended a minimum of 5 sessions. For youth aged 13 and above, the survey was a post-reflective survey. A post Developmental Context Survey was given to youth who attended between 2-4 sessions. A short satisfaction survey was given to youth who attended a 1-time session. The following is a summary of the collected data.

The 2020-2021 program year is the first time this evaluation plan has been implemented. The pilot phase of this plan will allow 4-H professionals to gather information in order to better serve children, youth and families. Moving forward this might look like increasing topic options offered in schools, community centers, and library workshops; attending more community events for outreach purposes; and building strong partnerships with other community organizations. Based on these surveys and feedback from the Evaluation Coordinator, the surveys will be modified in order to capture more concise data.

Use the link below to download the complete report (PDF)

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