S. Chvilicek, C.Stark, Washoe County 4-H Small Animal Club Leaders' Council 2022, General Rules and Regulations for Washoe County 4-H Small Animal Members, University of Nevada, Reno Extension, 4-H Forms
  1. All project animals must be owned by 4-H youth exhibiting the project animal(s).
  2. All project animals must be in good health. Unhealthy animals will be disqualified from show and/or exhibit.
  3. All 4-H’ers must have Enrollment, General Rules and Regulations and Commitment to Excellence forms in to the Washoe County Extension on or before November 15 of the current project year.
  4. For all market meat pen animals (rabbit or poultry), a record book MUST reach the Washoe County Extension Office no later than the Small Animal Leaders’ meeting scheduled prior to the Nevada Junior Livestock Show (NJLS) or any other state livestock show in order to show and sell a market project animal. (Dates can be obtained from the leader or the Washoe County Extension Office.)
  5. Lactating does, sows, or bitches are not allowed to show.
  6. Members will be responsible for securing their own animal projects. Assistance may be secured from parents, leaders, extension personnel, etc.
  7. Youth are responsible for getting their animal to the judging tables (rabbits, cavy and poultry only) and may designate an alternate youth to carry animal if necessary. Leaders and/or parents are not allowed to carry animals to judging tables.
  8. Exhibitors are required to enter their respective Showmanship class at the county show.
  9. Youth are responsible for following all safety measures designated by 4-H project curriculum, 4-H leaders and staff, and state/national 4-H guidelines.
  10. Members are required to attend 50% of club meetings, tours, field days, project meetings, and other planned project activities. (Activities determined by the club leader.) This requirement may be waived at the discretion of the leader (if extenuating circumstances arise, warranting a modification of this requirement.
  11. I will read, understand and follow these rules without exception, and the rules of all 4-H small animal shows in which I am a participant.

_________________________________________________       ______________________
4-H Member name printed                                                                       Club Name
_________________________________________________       ______________________
4-H Member signature                                                                               Date
_________________________________________________       ______________________
Parent or guardian signature                                                                   Date
_________________________________________________       ______________________
4-H Leader signature                                                                                  Date

Return top copy to University of Nevada, Reno Extension
Washoe County Office, 4955 Energy Way, Reno NV 89502
by November 15 of current year or at time of enrollment
Should any 4-H Member wish to seek a variance to the above Rules and Regulations he/she must do so by written request to the Washoe County Small Animal Leaders’ Council.

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