Luna, N. and Martinez, M. 2009, What's Up with School?, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, FS-09-12

Did you know?

  • You have the power to achieve your goals if you set your mind to it!
  • School can be hard, but life will be harder if you drop out.
  • People who leave high school before graduating are more likely to be:
    • Unemployed, work in very tiring jobs and make very little money.
    • Incarcerated.
    • Seek government help for things such as health care, housing and food.

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Why stay in school?

  • Finishing school gives you:
    • Greater self-respect and the ability to help others and your family.
    • Pride. We all like to feel good about ourselves and what we do. Staying in school makes you and your family proud.
    • Independence and opens up opportunities for a more satisfying life.
    • Financial stability. The more education you have, the more money you are likely to make.
    • A greater advantage in the workforce. Today, jobs are more complex and employers are seeking people with more than a high school education, including strong math, language and problem-solving skills.

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What can you do now?

  • Practice good study habits. Good study habits means developing a routine to study and knowing what resources are available to you.
  • Talk to a counselor about your goals and interests. Counselors are there to help you become successful.
    • Make an appointment with your counselor.
    • Tell him/her your goals.
    • Ask him/her what classes will be beneficial to you.
    • Check in with him/her frequently.
  • Visit the following Web sites for more helpful hints on how to succeed in school:
  • Explore Careers: It is never too early to explore what you like to do and what steps are necessary to achieve your intended career.
    • Visit your school or local library and read about what careers appeal to you and what your interests are.
  • Get involved in your school and community. Getting involved in school and community activities is fun and can help you learn more about your interests and strengths.
    • You may also meet a future

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