Stark, C. 2019, What is the Cloverbud Program?, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno

Youth who are 5 to 8 as of January 1st of the current 4-H Year (Oct 1 to Sept 30) may join the 4-H Cloverbud Program, which has age appropriate activities and allows for creativity and encourages play. The program is:

  • Fun and educational
  • Positive and beneficial
  • Success oriented
  • Non-competitive
  • Group-centered learning
  • Activity based
  • Leader directed

The 4-H Cloverbud Program provides an excellent opportunity for youth to achieve his/her highest potential because early life experiences affect future development.


Your children will develop:

  • Decision-making skills
  • Self understanding skills
  • Learning/Comprehension skills
  • Better physical skills
  • Social-interaction skills
  • Diversity/Difference skills


You get to:

  • Play fun games
  • Meet new people
  • Do cool activities
  • Learn about animals, plants, crafts, sewing, technology, and lots more


Please contact your county Extension office for more information.

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