Shooting Sports teaches life skills as youth learn marksmanship, safe use of firearms, and the ethical principles of hunting.

The activities of the 4-H Shooting Sports Program as well as the interaction and support of caring adult leaders provide the youth with opportunities to develop conservation ethics, life skills, and a sense of self-worth.

Shooting Sports in Nevada

Nevada's 4-H Shooting Sports Program started in the early 1990s. From the beginning, it stressed youth development and firearm safety.

4-H Shooting Sports is a very popular, active and growing program in Nevada, and is thus an ever increasing opportunity to build and develop the needed life skills in youth.

Instructor certifications are conducted twice a year to train instructors in Youth Development Principles, Positive and Productive Educational Techniques, and the many disciplines of the 4-H Shooting Sports Program:

  • Muzzleloader
  • Rifle (.22 and Air)
  • Air Pistol
  • Archery
  • Shotgun

Safety procedures for the Shooting Sports Program include the completion of Risk Management Forms and a Safety Emergency Plan by each county. The plans help to mitigate any problems in the event of an emergency. They also help educate youth to understand the importance of planning and preparing for safety.

Nevada conducts a State Contest and participates in the National Contest in order to provide personal development and educational experiences for 4-H youth.

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