L.I.M.A. Community Resource Sharing Meeting

Next date: TBA

L.I.M.A. (Law Enforcement Intervention for Mental Health & Addiction) is a partnership with the Eighth Judicial District Court and LVMPD.

L.I.M.A. provides a voluntary opportunity to give a pathway to recovery for individuals suffering from substance use issues, mental health issues, and homelessness.

This meeting is open to all community members to share resources (limited to 2 minutes).

police car

Please submit a one-page PPT or PDF presentation slide for your program to Nevada Box or HopeTeam@unr.edu. We are not accepting videos at this time.

What your two-minute, one-page slide should include:

  • General program information
  • Main item you want to share or your “ask”
  • Contact information (QR codes are best!)

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